How ready to retire are you?
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It's not just money - it's freedom, friends and family too

Do you wonder what your level of retirement readiness is? Do you want to know how your retirement expectations measure up? Well, if you are 45 or older and still working, this is the quiz for you!

Once completed, you will receive our Retirement Readiness Report Card that pinpoints how smooth your transition to retirement will be.

The Retirement Readiness Report Card is not intended to replace the advice and guidance of your financial advisor and other professional advisors who should be consulted regarding any changes to your financial or estate plan.

Investors Group will not track or record your participation, nor will we contact you unless you request it.

Life balance
For some people, work is important, not just for the income it provides, but also in defining who they are. For other people, work is just about the income. Which statement comes closest to expressing the way you feel about your work?
Work is just for earning an income, I save my energy for my life outside work
Work is more than earning an income, but my life outside work is more important
What I do at work is important to me, I balance work with life outside work
What I do at work is very important to me, but I wish I had more time for life outside work
My work is what I care about most, I spare little time for life outside work
Outside of work, how many hours a week are you engaged in activities (other than TV, reading or surfing the web) in which you get totally immersed?
Less than 1 hour
1 to 3 hours
3 to 7 hours
7 to 10 hours
More than 10 hours
How often do these statements apply to you?
I still enjoy most things I used to enjoy 10 years ago
I have the energy I need
Retirement expectations
In how many years do you plan to retire?
Less than 1 year
1 to 4 years
5 to 10 years
11 to 15 years
16 to 20 years
More than 20 years
Have you attended a seminar or read books about retiring?
Attended a seminar
Read books about planning for retirement
Which statement best describes your vision of what you will do in retirement?
It will be like a vacation, lots of time for leisure activities
I will get busy on various projects that interest me
I will find some other paid work or start a business
I will get more involved in community organizations
I haven't figured out what I will do in my retirement
I want to keep on working in my current career as long as possible
Which statement best describes how you and your spouse/partner view your retirement years?
We have talked about retirement and we do share a vision for retirement
We have talked about retirement, but haven't developed a plan yet
We have talked about retirement and we do not agree on a vision for retirement
We haven't really talked about it yet
No spouse/partner
Social network
How many people do you feel close to, that is, people you can easily talk to about what is on your mind?
Friends and relatives outside of work
People at work
Outside work, do you participate with other people in activities that offer opportunities to form new friendships?
In general, would you say your health is:
Very good
Has a doctor or health professional ever told you that you are overweight?
Financial readiness
Thinking about financial resources for your retirement, which statement comes closest to the way you feel?
I could quit work now and be financially independent
I will be able to quit work when I plan to retire and be financially independent
After I retire from my current job, I will have to work to earn some extra money
I have to delay retirement as long as possible to have enough money to retire comfortably
Do you expect to have your debts, including loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc., paid off by the time you retire?
Not sure
Probably not
Definitely not
What is your reaction when you receive your monthly credit card statement?
Confident--I always have enough to pay off the bill, I don't spend much
No problem--I don't care if I run up some debt on my card, not an issue for me
Embarrassed--I can pay it all off, but I shouldn't spend that much
Slightly anxious--I can't pay the whole bill even though I would like to
Very anxious--I am seriously overextended. I can't pay the minimum monthly payment
Don't have a credit card
Relative to what you currently spend, approximately how much do you think you will spend monthly in retirement?
30% more
10% more
10% less
30% less
About you
What best describes your current job status?
Working for an employer
Province or territory of residence
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Are you a client of Investors Group?
Prefer not to answer